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Family-run Café + Bistro

As a family-run café & bistro, we know how important eating with loved ones is, as well as eating healthy. Our menu highlights fresh ingredients & comforting staples, which fuse Latin American with Wildcrafted Cuisine. We are inspired by our edible landscape and the indigenous and traditional foods of the Americas. We share our love for wild food & foraging, and the Latin American recipes we were raised with.. 

We are excited to present  our  vision to you and all our guests, where we highlight seasonal and/or local wild ingredients in traditional Latin American dishes, and honour indigenous cultures & cuisine. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.


Events and Foraging Adventures

Our small restaurant is available for private events: brunches, lunches, dinners, wild tea parties, and wild cocktails & tapas evenings for groups 8-16. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Foraging Adventures

We also offer 2 Hour Foraging Walks on Saturdays beginning spring, ending early fall, where your instructor will share their passion for wild food, while you take in the natural beauty all around you, and return to the bistro for a lunch! 

(Groups of 8-16 people)

Cost: $55/person


Ixim: What's in a name?

 Ixim means corn in many Mayan languages. Originally a grass, teosintle, with careful tending, became an  abundant staple first, for indigenous people of the Americas, from Turtle Island from Abya Yala, (the indigenous names for North America & South America, respectively.) 

 Now corn is under attack by corporations who wish to patent its seeds. We stand for our rights to healthy food and source fresh ingredients from local farmers, buy organic, free trade & non GMO, & ethically forage a variety of wild food ourselves.  

We also support indigenous-run enterprises that keep ancient traditions alive and benefit indigenous communities.